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We guarantee distribution in Nollywood content
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iBAKA prides itself in being a luminary in advancing VOD for Africa. Before now, Nollywood’s venture into online distribution was no more than a few unscrupulous characters stealing content from self-funded producers and uploading it online on pirated channels.

iBAKA however guarantees distribution in Nollywood content by legally licensing movies directly from the content owners and giving the movies what they deserve; a beautifully designed, awesome video-on-demand platform where the world could watch more Nollywood non-stop.

We therefore ensure content owners are well rewarded for their intellectual ingenuity and are further encouraged to keep entertaining the world with more beautiful stories and contents.

Multi-Channel Network

Show off your Important Content with Elegance & Attitude.

We are YouTube’s biggest premium partner in Sahara Africa, and we have built a global audience of over 500 million video views, 5 billion estimated watch time and over 1 million unique subscribers from over 220 different countries which includes, United State, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Spain, Australia and many others, we generate more than 1million hit daily.

We work with content creators specifically targeting African viewers on YouTube, including Nollywood movie producers, African artists, African comedians and other video content creators across the globe. We allow African content providers to monetize their work by entering into a YouTube partnership with iBAKA, a trusted partner that truly understands the African terrain. We work closely with our partners to increase reach by systematically promoting their content and growing their audience base. Our years of experience and dedication allow us to execute faster and more effectively than other providers.

Linear Television

Despite the growth of internet-delivered VOD platforms like, real time television is still relevant in Africa and will remain so for years to come. As broadband internet is accelerating the shift to a world of on-demand programming, linear television has also seen a rise across the continent, as a result of the digital migration. Thanks to this move from analog to digital broadcasting, there will be a proliferation of TV channels launching, which will need quality content for their schedules.

Pursuing this expansion, iBAKA has now entered the linear TV industry. No-one knows Nollywood like we do, which is why we have launched an iBAKA tv channel, iBAKA PLUS, for Montage, the fastest growing Pay-TV platform in Africa. The channel showcases over 400 Nollywood movies, both English and Yoruba movies annually. iBAKA PLUS is exclusively available on Montage through their DTT platforms, operating in Africa. We are always speaking to broadcasters and TV networks across the continent, who wants to tap into our programming expertise, as well as our unparalleled content catalogue, to enhance their offering.

In-Flight Entertainment

In-Flight Entertainment

Onboard with great entertainment

Before now, if you were flying into Lagos, Accra, Banjul or any African city; you could watch everything from latest Hollywood releases, to sports news, to British comedy classics to Bollywood blockbusters, but no Nollywood. No African content on an African flight route. This is gradually changing, as we have carved a new market in supplying some of the world’s leading airlines, (through our partnership with Cotequest) with premium Nollywood content. Our goal is to programme at least one Nollywood movie on every airline that flies into Africa, thereby promoting the African entertainment industry and the African culture.


We don't just talk about possibilities. We make them Possible.

Nollywood movies are highly loved by many Nigerians and Africans in the diaspora. Nollywood’s popularity across Africa and the diaspora certainly demonstrates the capacity of the films to travel. Because of its growing nature and demand, it was important for us as a company to increase in our production capacity in order to meet up with the growing needs of our audience, while investing heavily in the film industry.